Information security

We implement a full range of solutions to provide effective protection against any current threats to corporate information security.

Deep expertise and attention to detail, cooperation with leading world manufacturers of protective equipment allow us to implement effective projects.
An integrated approach includes the following stages of work: pre-design inspection and audit of security systems, development of technical specifications, technical design, implementation and commissioning of security systems.

Data and application protection

Our suite of data and application security solutions includes:

Server and desktop protection

Our set of security solutions for the local computer network of the enterprise includes:
Our range of local and distributed network security features includes:

Network Security and Perimeter Protection

We create reliable, functional and fault-tolerant security systems, helping customers to build effective protection against any relevant information security threats.
We provide multilevel protection of telecommunication and information resources of enterprises.
Solutions implemented by our security experts will help minimize business risks and avoid breaches of confidential data.
• Antivirus software
• Prevention of breaches of confidential information (DLP)
• Control removable media and devices
• Data encryption protection
• Personal firewall
• Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
• EndPointProtection end-to-end solutions
• Protection of mobile devices
• Antivirus protection
• Protection against breaches of confidential information (DLP)
• Control actions of users, administrators
• Email protection
• Protection and control of web traffic
• Securing web servers and application servers (WAF)
• Database protection
• File system protection
• Control and protection of applications and protocols on the network
• Data protection with encryption
• Firewalls
• Network Intrusion Prevention Systems
• Cryptographic Gateways (VPN)
• Secure Remote Access Gateways
• SSL VPN Gateways
• Systems of protection against DDoS attacks
Russian Helicopters
Equipping the conference room and meeting rooms with engineering and multimedia systems
Russian Railways
Creation of system for display of information and teleconferencing
in the main exhibition center
Building conference room inrastructure and situational center
Department of Energy
Integrated build of engineering and multimedia STC infrastructure
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