Multimedia solutions

Multimedia solutions that we implement help enterprises of all industries increase the efficiency of negotiations and meetings, expand training opportunities, and increase decision-making speed.

In our projects, we combine design, system architecture and the most modern technologies, creating "turnkey" intelligent objects.
The full range of services includes: pre-project inspection, development of a technical concept, design, implementation and commissioning, further technical support.

Video Conferencing Systems

Our range of digital solutions for organizing online meetings, webinars and online broadcasts includes:

Visualization systems

Our set of modern solutions for visual display of information includes:
Our set of solutions for organizing effective teamwork of managers and experts includes:

Situational centers

We offer various types of visualization systems designed as part of complex projects for creating the infrastructure of objects, including situational centers.
We design, implement and support multifunctional video conferencing systems to address the current business problems of the most demanding customers.
The technological execution of situational centers can be performed at various levels and at different scales, providing the customer with an effective management tool.
• Multi-screen systems
• LCD panels and monitors
• Projection systems
• Spatial imaging systems
• Wireless presentation systems
• Integrated video conferencing systems — for conference rooms and congress centers
• Small video conferencing systems — for meeting rooms
• Personal videoconferencing systems — for executive offices
• Incoming data collection system
• Data transmission and distribution system
• Data visualization system
• Video and audio communication system
• Data processing and structuring system
• Data storage and archiving system
• Data Center Infrastructure
• Internal telephone system
• Monitoring and security system
The solutions we implement allow us to manage these complexes automatically without involving specialized personnel, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership of the system.
• Switching video and audio signals
• Automatic camera guidance on the speaker
• Lighting control
• Management of curtains and rolling shutters
• Climate control and other automation
Our range of solutions for managing the work of multimedia provides:

Integrated Management Systems

Russian Helicopters
Equipping the conference room and meeting rooms with engineering and multimedia systems
Russian Railways
Creation of system for display of information and teleconferencing
in the main exhibition center
Building conference room inrastructure and situational center
Department of Energy
Integrated build of engineering and multimedia STC infrastructure
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